Review: Christmas at Pemberley

christmasatpemberley2017: 1

Christmas at Pemberley – Regina Jeffers
Rating: 3.5 stars
Published, October 2011

This is the last of my Christmas themed reading list and the first book finished in 2017.

Christmas at Pemberley is a sequel of sorts based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The premise has Darcy and Elizabeth, married two years now,  traveling back to Pemberley from away during a winter storm. They have to stop at an inn until the roads clear. Elizabeth has been feeling bereft after several miscarriages. She’s pregnant again, and scared and hopes against hope that this pregnancy will go to completion but she is not herself.

Meanwhile, at Pemberley, the Bennet and Bingley families have come for Christmas to surprise Elizabeth and cheer her up.  In addition, another large assortment of strays and uninvited guests arrive at Pemberley due to the stormy weather and Georgiana Darcy must contend with juggling the extra work and the upcoming Christmas celebrations. Ms. Jeffers refers back to the original P&P a few times to remind the reader of the back history. Some may not enjoy that, or find it redundant or choppy. I didn’t but then I confess that I’ve not read the original book, only seen several different adaptations of it for television. I must remedy that and read it.

There is love in the air, a power struggle, and a bit of intrigue and manners. Always manners.

It was an enjoyable story, a bit racier than Austen would have written to appeal to modern day readers though it is written generally in Austen’s style. There’s one thread left dangling a bit which isn’t mentioned in the epilogue but overall, it was worth a read. Dedicated fans of Austen might be appalled at anyone else daring to write a sequel but I’m ok with it and can enjoy it as is. Your mileage may vary.


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