Books and Tea, yes please

This sentiment has been making the rounds of social media over the past few days and I fully endorse it! I love my tea and most of my mugs at home and at work hold a minimum of about 14 ounces or more. My purchases at places like Tim Horton’s or Starbucks are closer to the 20 ounce size they have, as a rule. Even so, the thing is, I don’t usually finish the cup as a rule! Now, I might reheat it to finish it, and I have been known to drink it cold (but not lukewarm *ick*) but it has to be a large mug of that lovely, savoury drink. I like my tea strong, too. In England, they call it “builders’ tea”. Whatever you want to call it, I like it strong enough to stand up a spoon in it. Two tea bags in that big cup, thank you.

My favourite kind of books are thick doorstop style ones. I read fast and thin books just end too quickly! It’s harder to tell these days, if the book is a big, chunky one since most of the books I read are eBooks. The page count often is misleading depending on the file and it doesn’t have that satisfying heft and weight that a chunk of a paperback or hardcover has. I do have a stack of paper books at the moment, both paperback and hardcover but most of them are under 400 pages. This is one area in which Diana Gabaldon excels. The Outlander books are all bricks! Wonderful!

Books and tea go together well though to be honest, I don’t often pair them. I read on the bus during my commute. Can’t have a nice cuppa there. I read at my desk at work so I usually have tea on the go there. At home, mostly my reading is in bed at night and tea at bedtime will keep me up all night. But sometimes, on a weekend afternoon in winter, I’ll climb in bed with a hot cup of tea and a book/ereader and spend a few happy hours immersed in words. Bliss!



My favourite mug. Holds a good 20 ounces and is very pretty!



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