Review: This Was A Man by Jeffrey Archer

2017: 11
4 of 5 stars
Published November 2016

This is the last book in a series about the Clifton and Barrington families that covered much of the 20th century. I love family sagas and this one had good characters, sometimes good villains including one that just wouldn’t go away but who never came out on top most of the time. Each book ended on a cliffhanger and began where the last one left off, almost impossibly managing to get round the apparent fatal disasters that the cliffhanger implied but it’s all good. You always knew the good guys were going to win!

This last chapter in the saga covers the 1980s with the rise of Margaret Thatcher to the fall of the Berlin Wall. There’s a lot of politics this time, with Lady Emma as a minister for the Thatcher Government in the House of Lords and Lord Giles in the Lords for the Labour party. Lady Virginia is still lurking around in the background causing trouble. The younger generation are making their way as well, with Sebastian at the bank and the talented Jessica coming of age.

By the time the saga closes, there is an end and the prospect of the continuation of a strong family, the new generation picking up the baton and carrying it into the future.

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