2017 Bingo Challenge Update (10/25)

bingoA month after my last update, I now  have 10 squares filled in for my 2017 Bingo challenge. I will be finishing at least one book this month that will fill another one. I’ve been making an effort to read all of the shortlisted Canada Reads novels (aside from one which is my next book to start) and I realized that most of the ones I’ve read are usable for the Bingo challenge.

One of the books, the Audio Book, is one I might switch out later this year. The book I listened to was only an abridged version and it kind of feels like cheating. What I heard only lasted about an hour and a half. I heard from someone else that the full audio version of it was over 10 hours long.

I’ve also changed a couple of choices since my last post. I’ve bought the new book by Heather O’Neill with a birthday Indigo gift card which fits the “published in 2017” square and bought Company Town with the remainder of the gift card. I discovered that could be used for the “Canadian Mystery” square.

B1 – A book from CBC 100 Novels that Make You Proud to Be Canadian
Possibilities: Barney’s Version Mordecai Richler, Indian Horse – Richard Wagamese

B2 – A Book from a Province/Territory You Want to Visit
Planned: Alone in the Classroom – Elizabeth Hay

B3 – Canadian Memoir
The Game – Ken Dryden – Finished and Reviewed

B4- A Banned Book
Planned: The Diviners – Margaret Lawrence

B5 – Canada Reads 2017
The Break – Katherena Vermette Finished and reviewed (Canada Reads 2017)

I1 – Booked turned into a movie
The Rehearsal – Eleanor Catton 2016 TIFF – Finished and reviewed

I2 – Written by an Indigenous Author
Planned: The Next Sure Thing – Richard Wagamese

I3 – YA
100 YA books (CBC)
Planned: BayGirl – Heather Smith

I4 – Written by LGBTQ author
Planned: The Wonder – Emma Donoghue

I5 – sci-fi/dystopia/apocolyptic novel
Nostalgia – M. G. Vassanji – Finished and Reviewed (Canada Reads 2017)

N1 – past long or shortlist Canada Reads novel
Canada Reads previous winners
Planned: In the skin of a Lion – Michael Ondaatje (Canada Reads 2002 winner)

N2 – Non-Fiction
Planned: Shag Harbour Incident – Graham Simms

N3 – Your Favourite Canadian Novel
Planned: Fall On Your Knees – Ann-Marie MacDonald

N4 – Audio book
The Underground Railroad – Colson Whithead Finished and Reviewed

N5- Giller Prize short-list/longlist or winner
Scotiabank Giller Prize past winners
The Best Kind of People – Zoe Whittall – Finished and Reviewed

G1 – Canadian Mystery
Planned: Company Town – Madeline Ashby  (Canada Reads 2017)

G2 – Book about someone immigrating to Canada
The Piano Maker – Kurt Palka – Finished and Reviewed

G3 – Book Published in 2017
Planned: The Lonely Hearts Hotel – Heather O’Neill

G4 – Translated novel
Ru – Kim Thuy – Finished and Reviewed  (Canada Reads 2015 winner)

G5 – Book written in your province/territory/city/state (or country if not in Can)
Planned: something by Lesley Crewe, I’ve got a stack of books I’ve borrowed

O1 -Canadian novel published the year you were born (1959)
Planned: The Watch That Ends the Night – Hugh McLennan

O2 – A book outside your comfort zone
Fifteen Dogs – Andre Alexis – Finished and Reviewed (Canada Reads 2017)

O3 – A Book of poetry
Possibilities: Margaret Atwood – The Circle Game, Runaway Dreams – Richard Wagamese

O4 – A Canadian Classic
Planned: The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

O5 – A Book from the CBC 100 True Stories that make you proud to be Canadian
Stalin’s Daughter – Rosemary Sullivan – Finished and Reviewed

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