Begorrathon 2017

ireland-month-17Normally, I try to support Canadian authors but I read anything by anyone if it’s something that interests me. There are a lot of really good Irish authors, for instance. One of my earliest Irish authors that I can recall is Maeve Binchy, who writes lovely fiction about strong women in Ireland, be it in a rural village or in busy Dublin. Her stories are heart warming with a gentle humour and I’ve always liked them.

Anyway, there are two WordPress blogs I follow, Raging Fluff and 746Books and every year for the past few years they’ve teamed up to celebrate Irish authors and the Irish culture in March and they called Reading Ireland Month or, The Begorrathon. In 2015, I participated by posting some travelogs from a bus tour I took around Ireland in 2002. Those posts start with Part 1 of the tour, here, with links to the other parts at the end of each installment. For more posts from my travel blog about Ireland, start here (the first lot of posts are the same as the tour, so you could scroll down and work up backwards).

I think I will find a few things to post about for this year’s Begorrathon. I have in mind a look at a few Irish authors  that I’ve enjoyed and will include some book reviews. I also think I’ll send them a link to a movie review I’ve done and do one or two more as well. The reviews will be published here, as well, of course.

There are links here to posts from all the participants covering all the Begorrathon topics.



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