2017 Bingo Challenge Update 14/25

bingoNow that the excitement of the Canada Reads 2017 is over, I can get back to concentrating on my reading for the Bingo challenge. Here’s another catch up post, mainly for my own use. I now  have 14 squares filled in, over half way through. I still don’t have any completed line!

I struggled through the poetry book by Margaret Atwood and decided to try Runaway Dreams by Richard Wagamese which is going along better. He does have a lovely way with words but I confess, poetry doesn’t really do much for me as a rule. I’m nearly done that so I’m counting it as complete since I did already have that square filled with the Atwood poetry anyway. Still don’t actually have a complete line filled but the April challenge for the CanadianContent group is to work on the To Be Read pile (TBR) and if I can get one of my Lesley Crewe books read, that will give me two lines! So here’s the update:

B1 – A book from CBC 100 Novels that Make You Proud to Be Canadian
Possibilities: Barney’s Version Mordecai Richler, Indian Horse – Richard Wagamese

B2 – A Book from a Province/Territory You Want to Visit
Planned: Alone in the Classroom – Elizabeth Hay

B3 – Canadian Memoir
The Game – Ken Dryden – Finished and Reviewed

B4- A Banned Book
Planned: The Diviners – Margaret Lawrence

B5 – Canada Reads 2017
The Break – Katherena Vermette Finished and reviewed (Canada Reads 2017)

I1 – Booked turned into a movie
The Rehearsal – Eleanor Catton 2016 TIFF – Finished and reviewed

I2 – Written by an Indigenous Author
Planned: The Next Sure Thing – Richard Wagamese

I3 – YA
100 YA books (CBC)
Planned: BayGirl – Heather Smith

I4 – Written by LGBTQ author
Slammerkin – Emma Donoghue – Finished and Reviewed

I5 – sci-fi/dystopia/apocolyptic novel
Nostalgia – M. G. Vassanji – Finished and Reviewed (Canada Reads 2017)

N1 – past long or shortlist Canada Reads novel
Canada Reads previous winners
Planned: Rockbound – Frank Parker Day (Canada Reads 2005 winner)

N2 – Non-Fiction
Planned: Shag Harbour Incident – Graham Simms

N3 – Your Favourite Canadian Novel
Planned: Fall On Your Knees – Ann-Marie MacDonald

N4 – Audio book
The Underground Railroad – Colson Whithead Finished and Reviewed (but I might re-fill this at some point)

N5- Giller Prize short-list/longlist or winner
Scotiabank Giller Prize past winners
The Best Kind of People – Zoe Whittall – Finished and Reviewed

G1 – Canadian Mystery
Company Town – Madeline Ashby  – Finished and Reviewed (Canada Reads 2017)

G2 – Book about someone immigrating to Canada
The Piano Maker – Kurt Palka – Finished and Reviewed

G3 – Book Published in 2017
The Lonely Hearts Hotel – Heather O’Neill – Finished and Reviewed (published Feb. 2017)

G4 – Translated novel
Ru – Kim Thuy – Finished and Reviewed  (Canada Reads 2015 winner)

G5 – Book written in your province/territory/city/state (or country if not in Can)
Planned: something by Lesley Crewe, I’ve got a stack of books I’ve borrowed

O1 -Canadian novel published the year you were born (1959)
Planned: The Watch That Ends the Night – Hugh McLennan

O2 – A book outside your comfort zone
Fifteen Dogs – Andre Alexis – Finished and Reviewed (Canada Reads 2017)

O3 – A Book of poetry
Runaway Dreams – Richard Wagamese – nearly finished

O4 – A Canadian Classic
The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood – (currently reading)

O5 – A Book from the CBC 100 True Stories that make you proud to be Canadian
Stalin’s Daughter – Rosemary Sullivan – Finished and Reviewed


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