Little book of spells – Books as Jewelry

Book earrings! Thanks to my mom for them!

I came home from work today to find a paper bag on my desk and these lovely tiny earrings were on a card inside. My husband said my mother had bought something for me while they were out for a drive. They stopped at a tea room overlooking one of our lovely ocean beaches, Lawrencetown beach and there is a craft shop over the tea room. Before he had the chance to get them, she picked them up and bought them for me and sent them home with him.

Books! And skulls! How utterly cool is that! My husband called them book of spells and warned that a house didn’t fall on top of me (Wicked Witch of the East! Eek!) They’re made by a woman called Tracy Leal. Her Facebook page is here. She does bookbinding, miniature books in particular. She was local but I think she lifes in British Columbia now.

Any day with a booky gift is a good day! Thanks, Mom!


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