Review: Gone Astray – Michelle Davies

4 of 5 stars
Published 2016

Winning the lottery is everyone’s dream. You know it will change your life but everyone thinks it will be great and things will never be the same, in a good way. Be careful what you wish for. Media attention. Begging letters from anyone you ever remotely met and from charities. Jealousy. You find you leave your old friends behind but can’t make very many new ones because you don’t know if they’re sincere. Maybe someone thinks they should have won instead of you and decides to take revenge. Oh, wait, that’s probably not going to happen. But in this book, it does. Rosie, the teenage daughter of Lesley and Mack has gone missing. They were big winners in the EuroMillions lottery and someone has it in for them which we know fairly early on in the book. What has he done with Rosie? Is she still alive? It’s every parent’s worst nightmare come true.

DC Maggie Neville is the Family Liaison Officer, one of two assigned to help. She’s unattached but with a sister, a single mother of three children that Maggie helps out regularly. Maggie ends up getting more involved in solving the crime than she’s supposed to, trying to untangle all the clues and figure out the truth and the lies in the stories of all the people interviewed that might have a connection to the crime.

I thought the story was pretty good. Had some good twists to it, though some of them pushed credibility just a tad. I liked Maggie’s character and the sibling dynamic which is shaded with the guilt of an old secret Maggie’s been carrying. It didn’t come out in this book but it seems there will be others.

Thanks to NetGalley for the digital copy in exchange for a review.



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