Book podcasts

I won’t say I’m not a fan of podcasts, I just don’t seem to get round to them. I used to subscribe to a history podcast from the BBC History magazine (which is called something else now, History Extra, I think) and while they were interesting, I never seemed to keep up with them and I would end up with dozens of un-listened-to shows.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth listening to. Podcasts are like radio but without the advertising breaks. I do listen to a fab ‘cast for my favourite television show, Coronation Street. It’s called Conversation Street and if you watch the show, you’ll enjoy it. (It’s a UK broadcast up to date with their episodes). That’s one podcast I never miss but it’s got nothing to do with books or reading.

I saw a link to a website today that has a very good book podcast hosted by an owner of an independent bookstore in Connecticut. Just the Right Book is hosted by Roxanne Coady.  It’s about a year old, there are 38 podcast episodes to date and they can all be listened to from the website or subscribed to on iTunes. You can also download them and play them on non-Apple devices.

From there, I jumped to Books on the Nightstand, which is no longer publishing new podcasts but does have nearly 400 back episodes you can stream or download. Episode #387 also has a list of other podcasts that a reader might find interesting.

BookRiot, a book blogging site, also has some podcasts, found here. Their main one has over 200 episodes. The others on the list of podcasts only have a handful of eps each. They can be subscribed on iTunes and also Google Play.

Now that I’ve started to look into this, I keep hearing the phrase “this way madness lies” and I can see I could get overwhelmed pretty quickly trying out all these podcasts. Just do a web search for “book podcasts” and look at the results!  The Guardian newspaper has a list of 10 “best” and BookRiot also comes up with a list of 25 “best”. This list, frankly, has some podcasts listed that intrigue me. Just the names alone are worth investigating, such as “Dear Bitches, Smart Authors” which is about the romance genre, “Drunk Booksellers“, “Lore” for horror fans (note to self, tell husband about this one), “Mugglecast” for Harry Potter fans,  and “So Many Damn Books” ( a pretty appropriate title!).  Both lists include a podcast from the Guardian, the New York Times Book Review and the New Yorker.

To bring this back to Canada, CBC has a radio show called The Next Chapter with host Shelagh Rogers and you can listen online to current and back episodes here. CBC also has Writers and Company with Eleanor Wachtel, with current and back episodes here. has a Canadian perspective and “Write Reads” is a book club podcast out of Edmonton, Alberta though their streams don’t seem to be downloadable.

Many of those sites can be connected via iTunes and it looks like at least some of them allow downloading of the MP3 file of the ‘cast right off the website. That’s likely what I would do since I am not an Apple device person. But knowing me, I likely won’t keep up with any or many of them as interesting as some of them look. I’ve already downloaded a sampling and via this blog post, I can find them again via the links.

Someone that likes audiobooks will likely really enjoy podcasts and podcasts have their own dedicated fans as well. There are podcasts around the internet for any subject you can name, obviously, but since this is a blog for readers, that’s what you get from me today!



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