The Military and History Bookshop, Sidney, BC

This is the first anniversary of this blog. I read. I read a lot. I have been writing book “reviews” for a few years over on Goodreads and before that, Librarything and decided to start a blog for the reviews and other book-related topics last year. I also have a travel blog here on WordPress for my travelogues, travel planning and other travel topics. I also participate in a vew photo challenges that WordPress and a couple of other bloggers offer, using my travel photos for the contributions.

I’ve enjoyed book-blogging, finding new blogs from like-minded folks to read and talking about literary stuff. Because of my participation in first, CBC Books and now CanadianContent which are groups on Goodreads, I’ve been trying to read more Canadian authors and have discovered some really talented writers. I also participate in reading challenges including a Book Bingo and a “reading coast to coast” challenge. Luckily, Canada has only 10 provinces and three territories. It would be a lot more difficult if I had to find a book set in or an author by each of 50 states! Canada Reads sets 5 Canadian books against each other in March over a few days of televised debates. The long list for that will be announced soon and then the fun begins. Last year, I didn’t read all of the long list but I did read 4 of the 5 books from the short list plus, I think, at least one more from the long list over the year. The yearly Scotiabank Giller Prize, with a long and short list in the fall also has some inspiring books!

Anyway, 2017 was a good reading year. I read 100 books, mostly all fiction. I have an ereader so the majority of my books are electronic with a handful or two of paper books. I actually have a stack of paper books by my bedside at the moment. I managed to read about 60 % Canadian authors this year which pleases me. That’s up 50% from last year I think, when I cracked 40% Canlit. I listened to an audio book for the first time. Not sure that’s going to be a genre I’ll get used to. I find my attention wanders and I miss a lot.

2018 has begun and I will again be participating in the Bingo Challenge. I’ll be blogging about that and setting up a template to be filled in with potential choices. I’ll also try to do a Cross Canada reading challenge again, this time it will be spread across the whole year so it gives me more leeway to find books to fit and read. There will be monthly challenges and group reads on Goodreads and I have set a couple of personal goals.

I want to read all of the Jane Austen novels.  I have read a couple and plan to finish the set this year. I also would like to read all of the books in the Hogarth Shakespeare Project. I have a couple of those under my belt and am working on one at the moment.  I also like to try to read a few classic books in addition to the Austens. I’ve had Don Quixote on my To Read list for a while now, perhaps I’ll get to that this year.


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