What Kind of Reader Are You?

From the good folks at 50BookPledge via @SavvyReader

Me, I’m definitely a Polygamist Reader with no fewer than 3 books open at a time. Currently reading:

A Column of Fire  – Ken Follett
Fables of Brunswick Avenue – Katherine Govier (for the Bingo Challenge and the Cross Canada reading challenge as the author is from Alberta)
Precious Cargo: My year of driving the kids on school bus 3077 – Craig Davidson (One of Canada Reads shortlisted books for 2018)
The Girl in the Glass – Susan Meissner (on the bottom of the priority list because Precious Cargo is a library ebook and there are 2 more Canada Reads books I have on hold that I expect to get any day now as well. Library books trump all others due to time constraints)


One thought on “What Kind of Reader Are You?

  1. AYearOfBooksBlog says:

    LOL – I am a combination of the entire left side – polygamist, extrovert and altruistic reader! Am reading The Leisure Seeker (going to be made into a movie), Granta Canada edition, Unlearn 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life and How Not to Die (nutrition focus).


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