Little Free Libraries

Little Free LIbrary

Little Free Libraries are apparently a new and recent “thing”. You may come across one in the oddest places. I’ve seen photos of them looking like large birdhouses on a post with a dozen or so books inside. This one is three old filing cabinets on a busy downtown Halifax street and there’s another one up the road a bit further that’s a smaller box than this.  People make the little libraries out of many things which is a great way to recycle stuff and some people even purpose build them.

There’s even a Little Free Libraries website (a non profit group) and you can add your LFL to a world wide map! I believe you have to register your library there first.

LFLs are a really good way to increase literacy and promote the exchange of used books in communities. We have had a kind of community library in our lounge area at work for years populated by books that staff donates. While it isn’t out in the public eye, it’s a similar kind of idea. It’s much better than throwing a book out! I can never bring myself to do that and end up passing my books on to people or leaving them somewhere where someone else can take them.

These little book exchange points are growing in popularity and they can be found all around the world. There are over 50,000 of them registered at the LFL website alone, never mind all the ones that probably exist and aren’t registered.

Oh, and The Word On The Street that’s advertised on the sign is a literary event that takes place every year, not just in Halifax but all over. That’s something I’ll write about in another post at some point.